MegaStores is easily accessible by both public transportation and by car.

MegaStores The Hague
Van der Kunstraat 123
2521 BR The Hague

Public transportation
MegaStores The Hague is located near Holland Spoor train station. From the station you can walk to the MegaStores in 5 minutes via Waldorpstraat. From The Hague Central Station MegaStores can be reached by bus or streetcar. To plan your visit, you can use the travel planner

MegaStores The Hague is also easily accessible by car. Enter the following address in your navigation system: MegaStores, Van der Kunstraat 123, 2521 BR The Hague 


Parking is not a problem at MegaStores. With 1,750 parking spaces on the parking deck and another 100 spaces at ground level, the accessibility of MegaStores is excellent. The parking deck is accessible via the Van der Kunstraat or the Waldorpstraat.

We charge an attractive parking rate of only €1 per hour. For all questions about parking at MegaStores, please visit Interparking.